Sahibzada Abdul Latif

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Hazrat Sahibzada Abdul Latif (ra) was an eminent scholar and academic of his times undoubtedly. He would often travel to India for the pursuit of knowledge and he happened to visit Amritsar and stayed there for around three years, learning hadith. After studying with the renowned scholars of India and returning to Syed-gah, he soon became quite famous due to his spiritual and logical approach towards Islamic teachings. The amir of Afghanistan always graded him with honour and respect. Other than the amir, there were numerous renowned persons among the Afghans who were from among his students. One of them was the Governor of Khost Province, Shirindil Khan. Shirindil was a paternal uncle of the Amir, Abdur Rahman. He also had great love and respect for Hazrat Abdul Latif (ra) and on many expeditions, he kept him close-by for consultation and guidance.

Hazrat Abdul Latif (ra) accepted Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) as the Promised Messiah, and was brutally martyred due to his firm faith in him.

The book, Peaceful Conqueror of Baluchistan ascribes his martyrdom to the beliefs of Hazrat Ahmad (as), which Abdul Latif (ra) accepted and supposedly would injure the political spectrum of Afghanistan. In turn, Hazrat Abdul Latif (ra) was imprisoned at Kabul. The amir himself could not find anything wrong with him, nor did his brother Nasrullah Khan ever. However, the amir again sent him to the “mullahs” (Muslim religious clerics) saying that they should sign an edict (fatwa) declaring him an infidel and worthy of death. The majority of the mullahs made affirmation that he was innocent of anything against their religion but two of the mullahs gave their verdict against him and so, he was stoned to death on 14 July 1903.

Sahibzada Abdul Latif
Date of Birth 1853
Date of Demise 14 July 1903