Bahishti Maqbarah (Celestial Cemetery)

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Pursuant to a divine commandment Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) also made known in his booklet “Al-Wasiyyat” the establishment of a celestial cemetery (Bahishti Maqbara).

God Almighty showed him a plot of land in a vision that was called Bahishti Maqbara. It was shown to him that it contained the graves of such select members of his Community who are destined to be in heaven. Accordingly, Huzoor (as) donated a piece of land belonging to him and named it Bahishti Maqbara.

For anyone to be buried there, the following three requirements had to be fulfilled: Whoever desires to be buried in this graveyard should contribute towards the expenses of its maintenance according to his capacity. Whoever desires to be buried therein should make a testamentary disposition that one-tenth of their property shall, under the direction of the Movement, be devoted to the propagation of Islam, and carrying out the teachings of the Quran. It will be open to every righteous person whose faith is perfect to provide for this purpose, in his will, more than one-tenth, but it shall not be less. Whoever shall lead a righteous life and abstain from all that is prohibited and shall not do anything that amounts to the association of something with God or to innovation in the faith. He should be a true and sincere Muslim. (Al-Wasiyyat pp. 16-19).

In accordance with these instructions, Bahishti Maqbara has been operating in Qadian and in Rabwah where those Ahmadis are buried who have fulfilled the above conditions.

Bahishti Maqbarah (Celestial Cemetery)
Founder Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as)